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Mitchell River Journey

Come and explore the beautiful Mitchell River, only 3.5hrs from Melbourne and placed at the foothills of the Victorian Alpine National Park.



Visit an indigenous site, experience the thrill of fun grade 3 rapids and relax in the southern most temperate rainforest.

Camp under a tarp, play guitar by the fire, share a story and watch the stars at night.




Day 1

Meet your guides, and learn how to pack your gear, and stay safe on the river.  Paddle over fun bouncy rapids a short distance to your first campsite on the river bank

Day 2.

Pack up, enjoy a cooked breakfast and paddle through some of the biggest rapids of the day, Slalom and Amphitheater rapid.

Day 3.

Wake up to the sun shining on the cliffs and mist rising from the water.  Enjoy a coffee, cooked breakfast and resume rafting.  Enjoy the rainforest and explore the indigenous site called the Den of Nargun.


We Provide

Gear - PFDs, helmets, rafts, coats, wetsuits, booties, dry bags

Guides - Experienced guides

Tarps - for shelter

Food - fully catered delicious meals and snacks

Price - $1250 p/person

Mitchell River
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