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Snowy River

Come and explore the most amazing wilderness area on a 6 day journey on the Snowy River

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Camp on the sandy beaches and enjoy the pristine waters of the Snowy.  Enjoy gentle grade 2 rapids and a grade 3/4 gorge.



Day 1. Meet at Mckillops Bridge.

Pack gear and learn how to manage a raft. Camp at McKillops Bridge.

Day 2.

Paddle through stunning scenery and warm up on gentle grade 2 rapids.

Day 3.

Enjoy a beautiful day of paddling and camp under the stars.

Day 4.

Paddle through a gorge and encounter 4 grade 3 rapids.

Day 5.

Paddle to Buchan River confluence.

Day 6. Drive home.

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What's included

Food - all meals

Gear - PFD, helmets, rafts, paddles, dry bags

Guides - experienced raft guides

Tarps- for shelter and to sleep under

Price - $2200

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